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How to Make and Execute an Affidavit Online

Affidavit is a written statement of facts and legal document, which is considered to be voluntary, or self-declaration, sworn under an affirmation or oath, done by an individual who has been given the legal authority to do so.
Affidavits are commonly being made use for various purposes.

So, what is affidavit online?

In Bangladesh, Notary Public is authorized by law, to take affidavit from any person.

How do we Draft, and you Execute Affidavit Online?

By the benefit of Digital Bangladesh, now you can execute your affidavit in just few minutes, from anywhere of the world through our innovative online web platform, by prior appointment schedule with Government Certified Notary Public of Bangladesh, at notary
We can make draft an affidavit for you, and the Highly Considerable feature of our notary web platform is that, there is no need for you to go anywhere.

You can complete your affidavit without leaving out your home, or office which is hassle free, easy and fast, save your valuable time, and travel cost. You have to follow just 6 easy steps.

Go to OR install NOTARYBD apps, in your android or iPhone, and then complete online registration form. If you are a new user or client, at the time of completion online registration form write your specimen signature in white paper and then take sharp image or scan your signature, and then upload your signature in JPG format. After successfully completion of your registration, then select your affidavit from our List of Affidavits and then fill the Form.

If you are a registered client, then log into your account, and then Select your affidavit from our List of Affidavits, and then fill the Form.

If you select Bengali version Affidavit, download affidavit information form and complete the necessary information in Bangla with your specimen signature and then upload the form into your account.

Review your details, if satisfied place the order online for Documentation.

After receiving your order, we will draft your Affidavit and then send it to your online account for your Review, and approval.

After you approve draft, we will then send you final copy of an Affidavit as an Electronic Document in PDF format to your online account. You will then make an appointment schedule online to execute Affidavit.

During appointment date, through two-way life audio and video conference you will provide your electronic signature in defined manner of law and Notary Public will affix his Digital Signature issued by the Certifying Authority (CA) of Bangladesh Government, and his Electronic Notary Seal on Electronic Document (PDF).

You will then print out your affidavit in Non-Judicial stamp paper as determined by law through color printer or we can print out for you and then deliver it to you at your place.

That’s it. Your work is done!

To make, and execute your affidavit Online, Please visit our website notary, or Go to Google Play Store or APP Store, and then download our app “NOTARY BD” in your Android or iPhone.