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In today’s world of globalization, digital world and internet commerce technology and the internet it is difficult for any organization or legal profession to remain in a ‘pen and paper’ based World.

A global online notarization platform most of the developed countries around the world, specially USA has already enacted legislation and recognition the legal effect of electronic signatures and electronic documents. Electronic signature service based in most of the States of USA offers remote notarization.

In this continuation, present Government of Bangladesh has not only taken into special consideration today’s world of globalization and technology, but also passed Information & Communication Technology Act, 2006, and Digital Security Act, 2018 in Parliament.

Bangladesh Government is actively encouraging to continue enhancing the legal framework for allowing the use of electronic and digital signatures, and electronic documents for turning the concept of digital Bangladesh as a ‘Nation Brand” for the country to revive its image in the international arena, and internet commerce and digital world.

A consistent message has been that, pursuant to Information & Communication Technology Act, 2006 a digital signature certificate in a public key infrastructure is the technology best suited today to achieve the aims of Online Notary service. is the first and only Online Electronic Notary (E-Notary) Service Platform in Bangladesh. The Firm’s innovative online notarization software, firm brochure, website and its contents, webpages have been reserved and protected under the copyright laws of Bangladesh.

E-notarization actually strengthens security because technology gives notary public better tools to securely identify people to perform notary services online. It also uses legally recognized third-party databases called Certifying Authority (CA) Licensed under Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) of Bangladesh Government to verify the identity of Certified Notary Public of Notarybd Services.

There are also significant benefits to having the notarizations done online such as – 
  • 100% Legal, Fast, Easy and Secure
  • Notary Service shall be provided by Certified Notary Public appointed by Ministry of Law of Bangladesh Government
  • To save your valuable time and travel cost
  • You can notarize / attest document or execute affidavit or authenticate power of attorney within minutes from anywhere of the world
  • Reduce Process Complexity
  • Secure & Prompt document data Management
  • Secure Storage System
  • Ensure Superior Security
  • Authenticity, Reliability and Non-Repudiation
  • Online Verification and Audit Trail

One of the methods employed in Online E-Notary service is the use of an electronic and digital signature and digital notary seal to notarize electronic and manual documents, administer affidavit and authenticate power of attorney validate with a digital certificate. The only differences between manual and electronic notarization are the tools that are involved. All notarial acts remain the same except the introduction of electronic and digital signature, digital notary stamps / seal, and two-way live Video-Audio conference and technology.