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Affidavit Online

20 Dec 2020

qWhat is Affidavit Online?


Affidavit is a written statement of facts and legal document. Affidavit is considered to be voluntary or self-declaration. Affidavits are commonly being made use for various purposes. Affidavit is characterized as a statement which is sworn and is a written statement of facts which is made voluntarily by an individual under an affirmation or oath done by an individual who has been given the legal authority to do so. Such a statement is observed as the authenticity of the signature of that individual by Notary Public who takes affidavit.

So, what is affidavit online? In Bangladesh Notary Public is authorized by law to administer oath to or take affidavit from any person. By the benefit of ICT Act, now you can execute and complete your affidavit through our innovative web platform by prior appointment schedule with panel Notary Public of Notarybd Services at